Timeless Fun and Adventure!
Because at Camp C.L.I.M.B.
time doesn't seem to exist!

  • Welcome Friends! -- Campers will arrive to the Carolina Beach Campsite each day by 8:30 am. Morning circle starts at 8:45 am. We want to get started on our adventure by 9:00 am, before the sun gets high in the sky! 
  • Adventure Time! -- 4-5 hours will be spent in this time block depending on the energy and interest level of the campers. Campers will grab their friends and their day packs, with lunch in tow, and head out on a trail or down to the water! 
  • Lunch -- Please send lunch with your camper each day. Or, in registration, you can opt to have us make their lunch for $25/week. We will provide snacks and water bottles for all campers.
  • Rest Time -- After a morning of moving and exploring, some quiet time might be in order. Now is the time to rest in a hammock with a good book, play a game with friends, create art or write in a journal. Campers decide what is best for them.
  • See You Tomorrow Friends! -- We end each day with TALENT!

    Thanksgiving: Did someone do something for you or did you find/see something you are grateful for?
    Announcements: Anything the kids need to say to the group. (Lost my jacket, today’s my birthday, etc.)
    Lesson: A short Nature Lesson that can be taught by a leader or a camper.
    Epic Story: Each camper will have an opportunity to tell a fun/scary/wild story from the day.
    Nature Nugget: Who found something cool in nature they would like to share?
    Tomorrows Timetable: What would you like to do tomorrow?

  • Monday -Friday, pick up is at 4:00 pm.

Optional Hotdog & Marshmallow Roast and a Sunset Hike
each Thursday for $25/camper.

--Pick up will be at 9:00 pm--

Please let us know if you need help with transportation.
We offer a daily shuttle for $25/family.